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Directors & doctors

Dr med Sven Schröder   Dr med. Sven Schröder

TCM doctor
Director of the TCM Center
Gesa Meyer-Hamme   Gesa Meyer-Hamme

TCM doctor


Elisabeth Buhlmann  

Elisabeth Buhlmann

TCM doctor

Elisabeth Buhlmann  

Ilona Ostwald

TCM doctor


Senior Research Advisor


Dr. Roland Salchow   Dr. Roland Salchow

Senior Research Advisor




Thomas Friedemann   Dr rer nat Thomas Friedemann

Graduate biologist
Janine Radtke   Janine Radtke



Dr Hui Ma   Dr rer nat Xiaosong Mao

Graduate biochemist


Cooperating doctors

Dr Xu Lianwei   Dr Xu Lianwei

TCM doctor
Dr Hu Weiguo   Dr Hu Weiguo

TCM doctor


Mayoral visit on September 8, 2010

PK 1.7.2010   Hamburg’s Mayor, Christoph Ahlhaus (2nd from right), with the directors of the TCM Center, Dr Roland Salchow (left) and Dr med. Sven Schröder (2nd from left), and HanseMerkur chairman Fritz Horst Melsheimer
PK 1.7.2010   Before treatment, Dr Schröder (right) runs a pulse diagnosis on the Mayor

PK 1.7.2010   The Mayor (left) with Dr med. Sven Schröder during a moxibustion treatment
PK 1.7.2010   The Mayor in the laboratory

PK 1.7.2010   Director Dr Roland Salchow (right) explaining the Center’s research projects


HanseMerkur Center / Research and Therapy


PK 1.7.2010   The TCM Center team in July 2012
PK 1.7.2010   Scientific Advisory Board in February 2012

PK 1.7.2010   Dipl. Biol. Thomas Friedemann in the TCM Center research lab
PK 1.7.2010   Treatment with the Tuiná massage and grip technique

PK 1.7.2010   Acupuncture treatment
PK 1.7.2010   Moxa treatment


CHINA TIME: 10–11 August 2012


China Time 2012   The “Healing from China” Forum in the HanseMerkur Atrium was attended by 300 guests
China Time 2012   The “Open Day” attracted more than 600 interested visitors to the TCM Center, where demonstrations included Qigong exercises


Press conference on July 1, 2010

PK 1.7.2010   Great media interest at the press conference
PK 1.7.2010   State Secretary for Science Bernd Reinert and HanseMerkur chairman Fritz Horst Melsheimer

PK 1.7.2010   Director Dr Roland Salchow explaining the structure of the Center
PK 1.7.2010   The journalists on the way to the TCM Center

PK 1.7.2010   Medical Director Dr med. Sven Schröder answering the questions of the journalists
PK 1.7.2010   Dr Hu Weiguo doing a Moxa treatment

PK 1.7.2010   Dr Susanne Epplée setting acupuncture needles
PK 1.7.2010   Jens Rusch doing a tuiná massage
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