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TCM Research
At the TCM-Center the success of TCM therapies will be investigated in connection with both clinical and fundamental research.

The clinical research is not intended to be merely descriptive – as is often the case in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) – but to go beyond the status of casuistry. Therefore randomized and double-blind studies will be performed, sometimes in cooperation with other centers. Fundamental research is aimed at understanding the influence of TCM. To be tested are, for example, the neurobiological mechanisms of acupuncture-analgesia, the influence of herbs in modulating the functions of the autonomous nervous system or the effects of Chinese prescription therapy on immunology or in cancer treatment.

The approach planned at the Hamburg TCM Center, namely to investigate the effective mechanisms of TCM treatment employing measuring methods which are also in use at Yale, Mainz and Dalian Universities as well as at the TNO Institute in the Netherlands – such as laser scanning microscopy, chromatography and spectroscopy – is to a considerable extent innovative. It will apply ideas from cytobiology, developmental biology, molecular biology and biochemistry in order to recognize and quantify changes in localized tissue as a result of the TCM treatment. Thus the compatibility with standards of modern natural sciences will be ensured. In the Center physicians, biologists, physicists and medical technologists will be working together.

Funding has been provided by the Karberg Foundation for a study on acupuncture for certain illnesses. This is a joint research project in cooperation with Prof Dr Christian Gerloff from the Department of Neurology of the University Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf (UKE). Further projects with clinics of the UKE are planned.

Because of the research dimensions involved, cooperation will also be set up with other renowned institutes. Among them, in addition to the University of Hamburg and the UKE, are the Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz (Prof Dr Thomas Efferth), Shanghai University of TCM, Fudan University, Shanghai as well as the Dutch research institution Netherlands Organization of Applied Scientific Research (TNO) in Utrecht.

Reports on activities in research and teaching as well as patient treatment will be presented annually to a Scientific Advisory Board. The committee will make suggestions and report to the shareholders’ meeting.

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