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Research grant for TCM Center
€200,000 approved for funding research

TV report on NDR
In December 2011 the Innovationsstiftung Hamburg (Hamburg Innovation Foundation) awarded the HanseMerkur Center for Traditional Chinese Medicine at the University Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf (UKE) a grant of €200,000 for funding research. A considerable sum for TCM research, the grant will be used to investigate treatment of polyneuropathy (PNP) and its concomitant diseases with Chinese medicinal herbs and acupuncture. PNP diseases are widespread. The nervous pathways in the arms and legs (“periphery”) are impaired and patients can no longer feel their feet or arms.  As a result, many require a rollator. Others suffer from leg ulceration because wounds no longer heal properly. PNP has various causes, for example due to diabetes or as a side-effect of chemotherapy for cancer.

In researching the herbs, the center is cooperating with Prof. Dr Gerloff from the UKE Department of Neurology and Prof. Dr Schlüter from the Department of Clinical Chemistry at the UKE. The Center is also working with adjunct professor Dr Brandt from the UKE Dermatology Clinic on the treatment of wound healing disorders. Project leader is Sven Schröder.

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